What to do on your anniversary

Your anniversary is a very important day in your calendar as a couple. It is a great way to show your love for your other half, that you are still together. Marriage is never easy, so an anniversary can be a great way to put some of the bad times in perspective and to celebrate the fact that despite your issues and troubles, you are still working hard and sticking together.

As anniversaries come around every year, the longer you are together and married, the harder it can get to find suitable gifts. You want each year’s gift to be special and not a re-run of a previous year. If you are struggling with finding the best gift for your husband or wife for your next anniversary, you may find the following post incredibly helpful.

In it we are going to look at some great anniversary gift ideas, whether its things you can give or things you can do to celebrate your life together.

Book a Romantic Trip

A change of scenery can be enough to elevate that special day, especially if you and your partner love to travel. Book a romantic weekend trip for two to somewhere nice to get away from it all. What could be more romantic than enjoying a meal together under the stars in Paris, Venice or New York?

Go Back to Where it All Began

Your anniversary is a celebration of the fact you have stuck together through thick and thin. With that in mind, why not go back to where it all began as part of your celebration. Did you meet in a specific place? Where did you have your first date? Where did you propose or get married? Returning to the place where it all began or something significant happened in your relationship can help to stir up those emotions again and is a great way to remind you both of why you got together in the first place.

Take a Trip to the Spa

Life is busy and if you find that you and your partner barely have time to relax, a great gift for your anniversary would be to go to a spa for the day. Think about the sheer joy of not having your daily responsibilities for a few hours, while you are treated and pampered and left feeling like new people.

Anniversary Gift Baskets

Not all great anniversary gifts have to be big or expensive. Some of the best are the ones that show just how much you know your partner inside and out. Anniversary baskets are one of those kinds of gifts. They aren’t the biggest or fanciest, but they can sometimes be the best and most thoughtful.

If your husband has a serious sweet tooth for instance, they’ll appreciate a tower of gifts with their favourite treats. Whereas if your wife enjoys relaxing in the bath or massages, gifting her a basket dedicated to smellies and bathing items is something she’ll love and use a lot.

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