Useful and helpful websites for parents

The internet is a really useful and helpful tool for parents, if you know where to look.  That is why we have included a page all about our favourite parenting websites.  It saves you some time and effort trying to find reliable sources of information, tips and advice.


If you have ever looked at the forums on Netmums you will know it can often feel like the online version of a mums coffee morning.  However, it is still a really good place to find answers to dilemmas and advice from people who are in the same situation.  Whether you want weight loss tips after giving birth, or injecting romance back into your relationship or just some crafty tips and ideas – Netmums is perfect!

Super Nanny

Super Nanny is the website based on the Channel 4 TV show starring Jo Frost and is a great resource if you are having trouble dealing with unruly kids!

5 Minutes Away

5 Minutes Away is a great website if you are heading on a long car journey with children as it will tell you how many and where motorway services and facilities are on the route you are taking.

How Stuff Works

If your kids are normal, they will undoubtedly wake up each and every day with a plethora of different questions.  Although you will be able to answer some of those questions, the more difficult ones are why sites like How Stuff Works exist.  The videos and articles on this site explain scientific things better than most parents could.

Money Saving Expert

If you don’t already love and admire Martin Lewis, the money saving expert, you will after one visit to his site.  He has made a name for himself as a knowledgeable and experienced money saving expert in newspapers and on daytime television – he even had his own channel 5 show for some time.  The site is a non-profit making enterprise where you can find information about anything from voucher codes to which credit card you should apply for and anything else you could ever want to know about money matters.  It is also worth checking out the forum as there is a real community spirit and everyone is looking to be as helpful as they possibly can.

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