Things you will need to setup your own parenting blog

If you have found Parenting Prattle helpful and entertaining, you may feel the urge to setup your very own parenting blog to share your own experiences as a parent with the world, and why not?  Although we think everyone should try blogging at least once in their life, in order to have a successful and popular blog there are some things you need to get started.

To give you some help and tips, the following article highlights the things we consider vital to having a professional looking and attractive blog that people will want to visit time and time again.

Domain Name

In case you are unfamiliar with the terminology, the domain name of a website it is the website address.  You may be put off getting a domain name because you think they cost too much, but they are in actual fact very reasonably priced.  Two of the best places to go are and

Web Hosting

You have probably heard the term web hosting at least once and it is a very important thing to understand.  When it comes to setting up a website or a blog, hosting is something you should consider.  There are some sites out there that offer a one-stop-shop style service for setting up blog and websites and although these are great for getting something on the web, they don’t offer the same freedom as having your own web hosting does.


WordPress is a name you may have seen at the top or bottom hand corner of a blog and if you really want to make a professional and user-friendly and easy to manage website or blog you should consider using WordPress software.  Initially you may find the WP interface a little imposing and intimidating, however once you get the hang of the basics it is pretty straight forward.  There is also a plethora of sites, step by step guides and YouTube videos that explain how to use WP properly.

A Writer

Obviously if you are interested in setting up your own parenting blog, you intend to take on the roles of blog manager, administrator and content writer.  However, depending on how busy your day to day life is and the fact that you have your parenting duties to consider, you may have to give in and outsource some of the writing work for your blog to writer.  You should never feel bad or shameful about hiring a writer as one of the keys to a successful blog is that it has regular content uploaded.  There are many places online where you can hire writers from including, and

Smartphone with Camera or Digital Camera

If you have read and viewed many sites and blogs in the past you will know that the more interesting ones that make you want to go back for second visits are the ones that have pictures to break up the written content.  No-one wants to sit in front of their computer screen reading pages on pages of writing, regardless of how talented a writer you are.  The majority of smartphones come with good quality digital cameras, but if yours doesn’t and you don’t own a digital camera, it may be worth purchasing either a better phone or a digital camera to make sure the images on your site are as eye-catching, professional and attractive as possible.

However, if you are not ready to fork out for a new phone or camera just yet, there are other ways you can make sure you have great images for your site.  If you do a simple search online for “royalty free images” you will find free of charge pictures that you can use on your site without worrying about copyright issues.

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