The Joys of Glamping

It can be hard to find a cost-effective way to enjoy a holiday with your family as many of us are still experiencing financial difficulties following the recent recession; however, it is not impossible.  Camping trips for instance are very inexpensive compared to other types of holiday, though not to everyone’s taste.   Perhaps you have been put off camping because of the horrible experiences you had on family holidays with your family when you were younger or because of the horror stories friends and relatives have shared.

Although a camping holiday is one of the best ways to save money and still take a break from it all, many people are put off by the amount of gear you need to take with you and organise so that you can set up your holiday accommodation quickly.  When things go wrong in the planning and organising stage though, this is when a nice back to basics family holiday can turn into a complete nightmare.  Whether it is forgetting some of the tent pegs, the gas canister or just having terrible weather to deal with – there are many valid reasons why you might decide against camping for your next holiday.

The funny thing is about camping is the way adults and children see it differently.  For adults it’s quite stressful, whereas for kids it’s loads of fun.  If camping really isn’t for you though, don’t book that hotel or B&B just yet, at least until you have considered glamping.

Glamping as the name suggests is similar to camping, with the main difference being the additional touch of glamour and comfort.  Another, more precise way to describe what glamping is would be to say that it is camping accommodation combined with the kind of facilities you would associate with hotels.

Although they are similar, the first big difference between glamping and camping is the accommodation.  The tents used for glamping are only principally and structurally the same as the kind used for camping.

The tent materials used in bell tents, tepees, wigwams etc. for glamping are not as thin and are usually more spacious than the traditional canvas tents you may be more familiar with.  Depending on your available budget, on a glamping holiday you could have a tent that not only has enough space for you, your family, family dogs and anything else you want to bring along, but also for electricity, electrical goods, chairs, tables, benches armchairs and in many cases, underfloor heating!

That is why hundreds of people every year are choosing glamp sites instead of hotels and other traditional forms of accommodation; because you get the same level of quality and comfort, in a more rural and idyllic location for a much lower price.

The differences between glamping and camping don’t end with the tents themselves, the facilities and amenities are different too.  While in the past you would possibly have to make do with poorly maintained washrooms and toilets and a complete lack of electricity at traditional campsites, at glamp sites you will often find kitchens, fridges and freezers, BBQs, showers, seating and even entertainment.

One thing that the majority of campsite and glamp sites do have in common is the fact that they are pet friendly.  This means that you can save some money and hassle organising a place for your dog to stay and take it along with you on holiday.

Taking all of the above into consideration, we are sure you will agree that glamping is a great way to enjoy a holiday with the whole family where you can chill out and get up close and personal with the natural world.

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