Ragdoll Care Tips

If you are thinking about owning a ragdoll cat, then you will definitely enjoy a loving bond. Relaxed and exceptionally sociable, ragdoll cats are open to cuddles and strokes, more so, often, than other breeds As easy going as they are, they also have various unique needs. Before you find one and fall in love with it, consider some of the following aspects of ragdoll cat care you did not know about.

Stick to a Consistent Feeding Program and Schedule

Ragdoll cats are not the same as other cats, they have very precise and specific feeding requirements. As adults are larger than normal cats, it takes them, on average around 4 years to reach their maximum size. To make sure this happens, and you have a healthy adult cat, you need to be careful choosing the right cat food.

It is best to avoid any cat food that contains grains and look for the food with the highest protein content.

Ragdoll Cats Are Indoor Cats

There is a huge amount of debate about whether cats should be kept as indoor pets or allowed to go in and out. Ragdolls, however, are an exception. As ragdolls, which is where their name came from in the first place, are very trusting and tolerant cats, they are not so great at defending themselves. They are also not the best at raising the alarm if they are in trouble and need your help. Put it like this – if your ragdoll was attacked by another cat, a dog, or another animal or person, they could very easily be killed or at the very least badly injured.

It is best, then, to make sure your ragdoll is kept inside at all times unless you are going to be there to supervise them and the area where they are let out is protected from predators.

Ragdolls Need a Lot of Attention

One aspect of cats that normally makes them different to dogs is affection. Normal cats are generally only interested in affection when it suits them. Therefore, they can be a little standoffish and aloof. Ragdolls are the exact opposite. They have a real love of affection and will enjoy hours spent in your lap, being stroked by you.

The downside, in some ways, to this, is that they can very easily develop separation anxiety whenever you leave them. So, you need to work hard with your ragdoll so that they understand that just because you go out, you are coming back, and they don’t need to go crazy.

Ragdolls Need Engaging And Safe Toys

Ragdolls are very smart cats. It is important to feed their brain with lots of activities and toys to keep them occupied. This could also help keep separation anxiety at bay. Balls are particularly loved by ragdolls, but really, they will love to climb on things, pat things, and roll around pouncing and “killing” toys. Anything that can help them stay active and engaged, is a safe bet when choosing toys for your cat.

For more information on ragdolls and caring about them, make sure you take a look at some reputable cat blogs and other sources online.

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