Great learning apps for tablet and smart phone

The computer is an integral part of education these days; schools and colleges use them for online – and on-campus – learning courses, and they cover a wide variety of subjects and options. The advent of tablet computers and powerful smartphones has led to a new type of learning: there are many excellent apps available that can be used to access superb content that is educational and informative, and you will be very impressed with what we are about to tell you. Let’s start with a great app for iPhone that allows you to access thousands of college-level videos and lectures, delivered by top lecturers and tutors from across the world.


One of the many advantages of the rapid development of the internet has been the ability to stream video content, from many sources. High speed broadband also means there is no buffering – the old stop and start routine that used to be the norm with downloads – and you get a clear, fast delivery even from Wi-Fi hotspots. Indeed, the rise of the latter means it is now possible to access such content just about anywhere, and for free. So, let’s start with a truly great iTunes learning app, one that will be used by all the family for educational and fun purposes.

It’s called The Great Courses Plus, and it’s a truly excellent resource for students of all levels. You will find more than 8000 videos and lectures, from different lecturers on various subjects, that are informative and of college-level standard. They are very impressive and cover a vast array of different areas of learning, and you can get a free trial to see what it’s all about before you agree to a subscription deal. It’s well worth a look, but it you’re not an iTunes user don’t worry!


If you are one of the many millions of people using an Android device, you can access The Great Courses Plus and take advantage of the excellent content available. You will find lectures on sports, arts, science, travel and much more besides. The videos are split into a selection of individual courses, so you can choose the subject that you want to study and you will get between 12 and 64 videos on that subject of your choice, all ready to view on your mobile or smartphone once you have downloaded the app. It’s a great Android learning app and useful for all the family.

The Great Courses is proof, if it were needed, that the internet age is not just about buying and selling, and nor is it dedicated merely to frivolous fun. It is a very viable educational tool, as this excellent app displays, and can be useful when needing to brush up on languages and enhancing your education. Have a look at The Great Courses now for more information on how you can use your tablet to learn more about subjects you are interested in, or download the free trial version and get to know what it’s all about before you decide to buy.

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