Add value to your home with an extension

As your family grows, so you have to deal with the need for more space around the home. For many people, the answer is to move house to a bigger property with more space and rooms, but for others that’s not an option. Cost is one problem, but it could be that you simply like the house where you live and feel settled there, in which case you need to look at alternatives.

Extending your existing home is always worth considering. You may have a garage, for example, that you don’t use to its best purpose, or you could have garden areas that are suitable for building out onto. Of course, you need to look at the planning restrictions, but when all the paperwork is signed and sealed, you’re free to get on with your extension.


If you are looking at building work on your home, you need to find a reputable home improvement company that can offer you the best service at the right price. Make sure you find one that has been established for some years, and that has many past and present satisfied clients who testify to their ability and workmanship.

You need to find a builder you can work with to come up with the design and results you want, and one that can offer you good advice and help with your final plans. Having a professional look at your ideas is always recommended, as they will be able to see the practicalities of your plans and offer ways to work around or improve.


One popular area to expand into is the garage; this is often an area of the building that is little-used, so will be better put to use as an extra living room, bedroom or even a playroom for the kids. Or, you may want to build out upstairs, perhaps onto an existing construction on the ground floor. This may take some special attention, so it is essential to get the experts in for this.

A basement is also an excellent place to utilise as living space. You may find you have a large area that is used only sparingly, so you can look at creating a workspace or living area below-stairs, and add value to your home as well as increasing the available space.

A well-built extension, one that uses the space efficiently and in a manner fitting with the property, will add value to the building, and will also make it more attractive when the times comes to sell. It’s worth looking at the portfolios of reputable builders in your area, and discussing the possible solutions, as this may give you more options.

For the growing family, nothing beats having a little extra room, so why not have a look at getting an extension now, and add value to your home as well as creating that room you’ve always wanted.

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