10 Things a Dad Should Know About Pregnancy

What should a dad know about pregnancy? As much as possible! It’s not just the mother who carries the burden in the months leading up to the arrival of your new bundle of joy, dad has to play a part too! This can be a difficult time for both parents, especially if it’s the first time, as juggling daily life and awaiting the birth means more concern all round. Let’s have a brief look at 10 things dad should know.

1: Know what your partner will physically need – there’s a lot of work in carrying a baby and it’s tiring. She will appreciate a pregnancy pillow for better sleep, plus an eye mask. Sleep is important – and not just for mother to be! Also, it’s time for dad to pick up on the housework!

2: Know what she will mentally appreciate – support all-round is the name of the game; help her relax, keep her upbeat, understand what she is going through. All of this will pay dividends.

3: Stages of Pregnancy – if this is new to you, learn what the three trimesters are all about and what they will bring to the party. This goes hand in hand with the above as showing an active interest will always help mum feel as if she’s being looked after!

4: Sex is not a priority – put sex on the backburner for now, it’s not important. It may happen, it may not, and it probably won’t. Don’t bother her with it, she’s got a lot on her mind!

5: Heightened senses – mum will experience a much exaggerated sense of smell during pregnancy, so make sure you keep yourself washed, don’t overdo the cologne, and keep the house fresh and clean. This will all help her feel comfortable.

6: Mood changes – your partner is in hormone overdrive when pregnant. This means her moods may change far more quickly than you are used to. It’s not her, it’s her body reacting, and it’s something you need to be on the lookout for all the time!

7: Keep baby moving – Dad needs to keep on top of what the baby is doing, make sure mum has felt it move, and know how to make it move when needed. There’s more to pregnancy for the man in the house than you thought!

8: Know the danger signals – you should talk to experts and read information on the danger signals in pregnancy. These need to be picked up immediately and acted upon – get the emergency services on the line the second you suspect something is wrong.

9: Learn what happens in childbirth – you want to be a clued up on what’s going to happen or it may come as a shock. Talk to the experts, learn all you can, and be ready!

10: Prep for the hospital – the ready hospital bag is no cliché, it’s a very real necessity, so make sure mum has one ready. And don’t forget yourself – remember your phone for example, as it may come in very useful!

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